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Terrarium TV APK DownloadThe best Android app for movies and TV shows is here! The Terrarium TV app for Android lets you watch and download movies and TV shows for free. It features a huge collection of films and TV series in HD quality and is updated often with the latest episodes. It includes multi-language subtitles and Chromecast support.

Terrarium TVDownload the latest version of the Terrarium TV .APK file here:

Download Terrarium TV .APK

Requires: Android 4.0.1+


Latest News:

Terrarium TV 1.8.1 is available now! The built-in video player (ExoPlayer) is now fully optimized. Also, a few providers have been added in this update so there should be more GoogleVideo links. Please update to the latest version to enjoy the best experience!

For update fails, please backup all the stuff and uninstall the old version first. Then, download the latest APK from our official website and re-install it. If you lost your settings or favorites, simply go to Settings and restore them back.

October 16, 2017