Remove Ads from Terrarium TV

Learn how to remove all ads from the Terrarium TV app. In version 1.3.6 and later, you now have the option to remove ads for a one-time donation. The feature will last forever and more premium features will be added in the future.


1. Install NX Stream Player here:

Download NX Stream Player

2. Open NX Stream Player and press “Remove Ads”

3. Press “Choose Your Google Account”, select your Google Account, and hit “Ok” (Note: the donation will be linked to the selected Google Account)

4. Press “Remove Ads Now!”

5. You will be redirected to a payment page

6. After payment, open Terrarium TV, go to “Settings”, press “Remove all ads”, and select your Google Account


That’s it. The Terrarium TV will now be ad-free forever.



Q. I cannot find the “Remove all ads” option. Where is it located?

Make sure you are on version 1.3.6 or later. The “Remove all ads” option is located under Settings.

Q. Can I uninstall NX Stream Player afterwards?

Yes, you can uninstall NX Stream Player after you have donated. The donation will be linked to your Google account.

Q. Is this a monthly payment or a one time payment?

It is a one time payment that will last forever.

Q. If I reinstall Terrarium TV, will I have to pay again?

No, the ad removal is linked to your Google Account forever.

Q. Does the donation remove ads from Terrarium TV across multiple devices?

Yes, as long as you select the Google Account that you donated with.

Q. Will there be more features in the future for premium users?

Yes, more premium features will be added in the future for those who donated. Some planned features are integration, native Chromecast support, and more.